Strategic Planning Director

[ == Job Objective == ]

The primary objective of the Strategic Planner Director in a digital agency is to lead and oversee the strategic planning process to drive business growth and success for the agency's clients. This role requires a deep understanding of the digital landscape, market trends, consumer behavior, and the ability to develop data-driven strategies that align with clients' business objectives. The Strategic Planner Director will work closely with cross-functional teams, including account managers, creative teams, data analysts, and clients, to develop comprehensive and innovative digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.

    [ == Job Description == ]

    • Strategic Planning: Develop and execute innovative and data-driven strategic plans for clients' digital marketing campaigns. Conduct thorough market research, competitor analysis, and industry insights to identify opportunities and challenges.
    • Client Collaboration: Collaborate closely with clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, brand positioning, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Translate client requirements into actionable strategic plans.
    • Digital Landscape Expertise: Stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends, technologies, and best practices. Advise clients on emerging opportunities and strategies to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.
    • Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics and insights to identify areas of improvement and optimize campaign performance. Analyze campaign metrics and provide actionable recommendations for continuous improvement.
    • Campaign Ideation: Lead brainstorming sessions with creative teams to develop innovative campaign ideas and concepts that align with the strategic objectives.
    • Budget Allocation: Collaborate with account managers to allocate budgets effectively across various digital marketing channels, such as social media, search engine marketing, display advertising, content marketing, and email marketing.
    • Performance Measurement: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement frameworks to evaluate the effectiveness and success of digital marketing campaigns. Provide regular performance reports to clients and internal stakeholders.
    • Team Leadership: Manage a team of strategic planners, providing guidance, mentoring, and performance feedback. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment that encourages professional growth and development.
    • Client Presentations: Present strategic plans and campaign ideas to clients in a clear, persuasive, and compelling manner. Address client feedback and make necessary adjustments to optimize strategies.
    • Industry Thought Leadership: Act as a thought leader in the digital marketing space by sharing insights and knowledge through blog posts, whitepapers, speaking engagements, and participation in industry events.

    [ == Job Qualification == ]

    • age 35 - 45 years old
    • Minimum 8 Years in Digital strategy, Advertising, Digital Advertising or Marketing [Agency, Corporate (FMCG, Mass products)]
    • Direct experience in Media , Creative Agency is preferred.
    • Experienced as Manager level with subordinates
    • Great digital communication strategy and planning, manage on client's campaign, brand awareness, pitching skills
    • Good communication and presentation skills in English language.
    • Able to work well under pressure and a tight schedule.

      [ == Welfare & Benefit == ]

      • 📅 ทำงานวันจันทร์ - ศุกร์ flexible hour
      • ✅ ประกันสังคม
      • ✅ ประกันสุขภาพกลุ่ม AIA
      • ✅ แต่งตัวตามสบาย
      • ✅ คอร์สเรียนออนไลน์ Unlimited จาก FutureSkill
      • ✅ Hybrid working
      • ✅ ปรับเงินเดือนประจำปี
      • ✅ ออฟฟิศอยู่ติด BTS กรุงธนบุรี ลงแล้วถึงเลย

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